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Common questions

View a list of answers to questions commonly asked by customers. Many of these questions can be answered here. If you have a specific question regarding your own policy contact us online or alternatively call us on 13 50 50 we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Purchasing insurance online:

1. How do I purchase insurance online?

To obtain a quote or purchase a policy online, simply click on the policy type you’re interested in and follow the on-screen prompts. You will need to agree to the terms and conditions to complete a quote online. If you need assistance during the quote process please use the free click to talk service, this icon is located on the top right hand corner of each page of the quoting screens. Once you have completed the quote, you can elect to purchase the policy online or save it for future use. All information is treated confidentially according to our privacy policy.

2. How do I retrieve a saved quote online?

You save a quote by entering your email address at the end of the quote you complete, you will then receive the quote details and the link in your nominated email account, where you can then retrieve the quote. The quote is based on the information you provided. Any changes, including the policy start date, may affect the quote. If you recorded the quote number but did not email yourself the quote please call us on 13 50 50

3. How long will it take to get my policy documents?

Once you’ve purchased your policy online, your policy documents, including the product disclosure statement and policy wording and your policy schedule should be received by post within 5 business days.

Using My Apia Insurance:

1. What is it?

Apia recognises that many of our customers prefer to use the internet to make quick simple changes to their policies. My Apia Insurance is a simple alternative to calling us or visiting one of our branches.

2. Making changes

You can make the following changes using My Apia Insurance:

  • Pay for your renewal
  • Increase the sum insured for home and contents
  • Update personal details (name, phone number, postal address, email address)

To make changes to your policies you must log in to My Apia Insurance to view your existing insurance portfolio. Once logged in, click on the "amend" button for the policy you would like to amend. Please note you cannot change direct debit details for your policy online, you must do this over the phone by calling 13 50 50.

Passwords, Security & Your Confidentiality

1. Is my application online secure?

Yes, your application is sent directly to AAI Limited and is safeguarded by a secure encrypted line.

2. I've forgotten my password?

Your password is the key to your policies. If you have forgotten your password click on the forgotten your password and follow the prompts. You will be emailed a temporary pin. Your password does not expire.

Make a Claim:

1. What do I do if I need to make a claim?

If you need to make a claim, please make sure you have your policy documents to hand when you call. You can notify us by phone as soon as you can on 13 50 50. We are available 24 hours 7 days per week. To find out more visit our How to Claim page. 

2.  Can I choose my own repairer?

Apia can organise the entire quote and repair process on your behalf. Our assessors will normally obtain a minimum of two independent quotes from Apia recommended repairers, however you can also provide a quote from a repairer of your choice. Following that, our assessor will review the quotes and what is necessary to repair your car. The repairer who has submitted the more complete and competitive quote to repair your car safely will be chosen.

Apia is a part of the Suncorp Group, which has established an innovative joint venture partnership with Capital S.M.A.R.T Repairs (SMART) and SMART+Plus, delivering best practice in fast, high-quality, vehicle repairs. Depending on the type of damage, we may authorise your car to be repaired by Capital S.M.A.R.T. Repairs who handle small-to-medium, non-structural damage or SMART+Plus, who specialise in heavier structural damage. You can find out more about this from the Suncorp Group website.


Paying For Your Insurance

1. What payment options are available for purchasing insurance?

You can pay for your insurance online using your American Express, MasterCard or Visa Card or by Direct Debit from your bank account. Please note that for one-off Travel Insurance policies, payment can be made by credit card only. We have a range of payment options and do not charge any extra to pay by Instalments.

2. How secure will the payment details be?

Your payment details are sent directly to AAI Limited and are safeguarded by a secure encrypted line. Also, you’re Credit Card or Bank Account details will not be shown on your insurance summary screen.

Other Important Information

1. What is the relationship between AAI Limited and Apia?

AAI Limited is authorised by Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) to carry on insurance business pursuant to the Insurance Act 1973.

AAI Limited is also the holder of an Australian Financial Securities License (AFSL) issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide financial product advice in respect of general insurance products.

Apia Limited is an Authorised Representative and wholly owned subsidiary of AAI Limited, and acts as AAI Limited's agent under an authority given to it by AAI Limited to enter into contracts of insurance on behalf of AAI Limited as insurer, and deal with and settle claims on behalf of AAI Limited.

2. What is a printable or PDF file?

A PDF (Portable Data File) is a type of file that enables you to view a printable document on screen that looks exactly as it will when printed. To view a PDF file you need to download free PDF viewer software from a company called Adobe and install it in addition to your web site browser (such as Internet Explorer).



1. What is changing for me?

Soon new information will be required to be provided to purchase a Green Slip

2. Why is it changing?

These changes are being introduced by all NSW CTP insurers and are designed to improve your buying experience and reduce the time taken to register your vehicle.

3. How will I benefit from this change?

The changes are designed to benefit you in three ways:

1.Less information will have to be provided to purchase a new Green Slip

2. Your CTP details will be sent to Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) immediately so that you can register your vehicle straight away. This will include first time registrations that currently require a hard copy CTP receipt to be presented

3. Ensuring you are charged the correct premium. Your premium will be based on the registration details retrieved from RMS

Note: You should ensure your records are complete and accurate with RMS. Confirm the information on your registration papers and advise RMS straight away if there are any discrepancies. This will ensure that you are charged the correct premium.

4. What do I need?

You will be required to provide two pieces of information to assist us in identifying you and your vehicle. The details can easily be located on your RMS registration papers, so make sure you have them handy.

5. How can I prepare for this change?

Make sure the details showing on the registration papers are correct. If they are not correct you may be charged the incorrect CTP Premium. If any of your registration details require updating please contact RMS on 13 22 13 prior to purchasing the Green Slip.  CTP Insurers won’t be able to update them for you.

6. What information do I need to provide to purchase a Green Slip to renew my registration?

If a Green Slip is being purchased to renew your vehicle’s registration, you will need:

1.Your RMS Billing Number and

2.Your Plate Number

7. What information do I need to provide to purchase a Green Slip to start a new registration?

If a Green Slip is being purchased to start a new registration, you will need:

1. The vehicle’s VIN, Engine and/or Chassis Number and

2.The NSW Driver or Rider Licence, NSW Photocard Number or RMS Customer Number of the registered operator

8. What if I don’t have my registration papers handy?

If you want to purchase a Green Slip to renew your vehicle’s registration, you will need:

1.Your Plate Number and

2. The NSW Driver or Rider Licence, NSW Photocard Number or RMS Customer Number of the registered operator

Note: if the vehicle is registered in the name of a company, the only identifier that can be provided is the RMS Customer Number.

9. What other vehicle information can I use to purchase a Green Slip?

You can provide your VIN Number, Engine Number or Chassis Number.

10. What if I don’t have the information required for my Green Slip?

You will still be able to obtain a Green Slip quote if you don’t have the required identifiers, but you will not be able to purchase a policy.

11. What if I have recently acquired a vehicle that is due for registration?

If the vehicle has only recently been acquired, please ensure that you have completed the change of ownership with RMS at Service NSW or a Green Slip may not be able to be purchased.

12. Will my CTP details be sent electronically to the RMS?

Yes, your CTP details will be sent electronically to RMS immediately for both new and existing registrations, removing the need to provide RMS with a hard copy Green Slip or receipt

13. I have just moved to NSW.  How do I purchase a Green Slip?

If you have just moved to NSW and your vehicle is still registered interstate, you will still be able to purchase a Green Slip to establish your registration by providing a vehicle identifier.

If you have just moved from interstate or overseas and have bought a vehicle that is registered in NSW, you should ensure that the registration has been transferred into your name prior to purchasing a CTP policy. Failure to do so could mean you will be unable to purchase a policy.

14. Will there be any changes to my CTP cover?

No, there are no changes to your benefits under the Compulsory Third Party Personal Injury Insurance Scheme.

15. Will I still receive an offer to renew my Green Slip?

Yes, you will still receive a renewal invitation 4 to 6 weeks prior to expiry.

16. Is my privacy protected with this change?

Yes, we will only be using information from RMS that is necessary to provide you with an accurate Green Slip quote. This information has always been required to be provided when purchasing a CTP policy.

For more information on how we handle your privacy, please visit our website at:

17. Why does my quote not match that from the Green Slip Calculator or another website?

Quotes from other websites, including the Motor Accidents Authority’s Green Slip Calculator, are estimates based on information provided by you. The Green Slip quote from us uses information held by RMS. Quotes may not match if they are based on different information.

18. How can I register a complaint?

If you would like to provide us with any feedback or make a complaint, you can contact us at:

If you do not think the matter has been resolved, you can ask the Motor Accidents Authority for help - or by calling 1300 137 131

19. I am a motorcyclist, why hasn’t my Green Slip price gone down? 

Not everyone's Green Slip will see a price reduction. Whilst motorcyclists will not necessarily see a decrease in prices they will receive benefits at the time of claim for up to six months including:
  • weekly income payments (if time off work is required to recover)
  • medical and treatment expenses
  • commercial attendant care (for help needed around the home).

20. I live in the country and expected a bigger reduction on my Green Slip price. 

The average price of CTP insurance is already lower in country areas than in metropolitan areas.

The average CTP premium for a motor vehicle in country NSW is currently $482 compared to Sydney metropolitan prices of $711.1 

Under the reforms, it is expected that Green Slip premiums will reduce in all parts of NSW for motor vehicles and prices will continue to be lower in country areas.

21. My Green Slip hasn’t reduced by $200 as per the Green Slip check calculator?

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) website calculator is an estimate/average and only takes into consideration a limited number of factors when calculating your Green Slip estimate.

When we calculate your premium, a broader number of factors are taken into consideration. For example, whether or not you are adding a younger driver to your policy. 

If you have any questions about the Green Slip calculator please visit the SIRA website.

22. If I'm not happy with my savings amount as shown on my Green Slip, who can I speak to? 

If you have an enquiry regarding the saving message on your Green Slip, you can contact the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA).

 1 Source: SIRA website: How prices will be reduced