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What does Apia Comprehensive Car Insurance cover?

Helps protect your car against accidental loss or damage including theft, fire, storms and malicious damage. Save on your premium for travelling under 20,000km with Apia Drive less Pay Less® discount*. Apply for a quote online for a new comprehensive car insurance policy and also receive our online discount*.

Apia Comprehensive Car policy features:

  • Lifetime guarantee on repair work authorised by us
  • Apia Drive Less Pay Less® discount* if you travel under 20,000km per year
  • If your car is stolen or damaged in an incident covered by your policy we will cover you for reasonable after claim expenses up to $1500
    This can include reasonable costs for emergency repairs to make your car roadworthy or safe and reasonable costs for emergency accommodation if your car is not roadworthy or safe to drive and you are more than 100km from home and accidental loss or damage to personal property in the car at the time of the incident
  • We'll replace your car with a new one if it's stolen, less than 10 years old and you're the first registered owner ($40,000 limit, Ts&Cs apply)
  • Up to $20 million Legal liability for damage caused by your car
  • Select the vehicle value that is right for you, by choosing an amount covered within the given range

Limits, exclusions and conditions apply, please refer to the PDS for full details.

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For an extra premium, you can choose to add optional covers to your existing policy, contact us.

Optional Cover

Apia Roadside Assist

Whether it’s a flat tyre or a breakdown, if you can't get started, we'll get your car back on the road.

Less than $7 a month

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Optional Cover

Windscreen and Window glass cover

Add this option for one excess-free repair or replacement of your car's windscreen or window glass, in each period of insurance.

Optional Cover

Hire Car after an event for unlimited days

Add this option for a hire car that is a similar make and model to your car following an incident covered by your policy, if your car is damaged and cannot be safely driven, is being repaired or has been stolen. We will arrange and pay the reasonable cost of a hire car up to $90 per day up until we settle your claim or your car is returned undamaged or we have repaired it and returned it to you.

Policy Documents

For full details of what is and isn't covered please refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

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Online Discount*
Save 10% First Year Online Discount*

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Apia Drive Less Pay Less® Discount*
Save on your premium if you drive less than 20,000 km per year

Work Less Pay Less® Discount*
Save on your premium if one or more policy holders works less than 37 hours per week

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*If you receive more than one discount, we apply each in a predetermined order to the already discounted premium (usually before adding taxes and charges). The discounts we offer are subject to change.

Online discount is only available for new, eligible policies purchased online and will be applied upon purchase and subtracted from the premium. Online discount is not available with any other offers and does not apply to optional covers Apia Home Assist, Excess-free Glass cover and Apia Roadside Assist.​

Multi-policy discount (MPD) rewards you with a discount off your premium for holding two or more eligible paid Apia general insurance policies. There must be a common mailing address and the person(s) seeking the discount must be nominated as an insured with the same name on each eligible policy. If you take out a new policy and then qualify for the MPD, you are eligible to receive the discount on that new policy immediately and on your other existing eligible policies from their next renewal date, provided you still qualify. If you become eligible for the MPD around the time your other policies are due for renewal, the MPD may not have been applied to the renewing policies because the renewals were generated before you were eligible for MPD. Please contact us if you believe you are eligible for the MPD on your renewal but it is not shown on your certificate of insurance. ​ See full terms and conditions.

Eligible policies that qualify for the MPD are Apia: home, contents, landlord, car, motorcycle, boat, caravan and motorhome insurance. To find out more about the multi-policy discount please phone us on 13 50 50.​

MPD does not apply to optional covers Personal valuables – unspecified items, Personal valuables – specified items, Apia Home Assist, Excess-free Glass cover or Apia Roadside Assist. ​

Work Less Pay Less® discount does not apply to optional covers Apia Home Assist, Excess-free Glass cover and Apia Roadside Assist.

Drive Less Pay Less discount does not apply to optional covers Apia Roadside Assist and Windscreen and window glass cover. ​

No Claim Bonus does not apply to optional covers Apia Roadside Assist, Windscreen and window glass cover, Contents cover, Personal valuables – unspecified items, Personal valuables –specified items, Annexe cover, Hire use cover.