Retirement planning: What Does Retiring Successfully Mean to You | Apia

Are you in the process of retirement planning? Read on to discover what retiring successfully might mean for you.

Free ways to achieve your 2024 fitness resolutions

It’s no secret that exercise is one of the keys to maintaining overall health and wellbeing – but just because we know this fact, doesn’t mean we’re doing enough of it. From community exercise classes to walking groups, here are free ways to boost your fitness in 2024.

Free ways to boost your digital IQ

The online world is full of great opportunities to get a little smarter and safer. From great apps that expand your thinking to powerful tools and services that make life a little easier, here’s a few ways to elevate your digital IQ without breaking the bank.

The hunt for hidden gems: upcycling old furniture

Timeworn furniture can be the starting point for a creative journey. Look past the dents and scratches to see the hidden beauty and upcycling potential of your piece.

Lifestyle goals that will improve your health

From protecting against dementia to improving your heart and gut health, discover the handful of goals that will deliver results into your 50s and beyond.

Our 2023 Apia Bowls Local Legend

After a nation-wide search, Apia’s 2023 Bowls Local Legends Competition winner has been announced. Read more to find out about the deserving winner, and how they support their local bowls community.

6 retirement living options in Australia

Discover various retirement living options in Australia. From home care to retirement villages, Apia has various insurance covers for you to choose from.

How to save money by cooking with seasonal vegetables

Buying veggies in season means your food will be tastier, have a higher nutritional value, and likely cost you less. Here’s our guide on how to buy seasonal veggies and save money.

Multi-generational holidays: how to make it work so everyone is happy

Holidaying with your whole family can be a wonderful experience, but just like any big family event, planning is key to ensure it goes off without a hitch. Let our ideas help make it a relaxing holiday all round.

Keep or clutter: what to do once you’ve finished reading your books

Books can hold so much sentimentality for us, but they’re also giant dust collectors. Here are 4 ideas for what to do with your books after you’ve read them.

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