Benefits of going for a daily walk

The benefits of a daily walk might surprise you – here are some good reasons to go for a stroll.

Tips for keeping fit over 50

There are more benefits to exercising as you get older than you might think! So, we asked two experts for their top tips for staying fit.

Funeral Insurance vs Life Insurance

Funeral Insurance and Life Insurance policies offer a financial safety net for your loved ones when they need it most. So, what’s the difference?

Does Contents Insurance cover mobility scooters?

Apia Contents Insurance — including our Apartment, Assisted Living and Village Insurance policies — can cover mobility scooters. Here’s how to insure yours.

Supercharge your diet with these seven superfoods

They’re not known as superfoods for nothing. Here are seven health-boosting foods you might consider introducing to your daily diet.

What to do if you’re injured in a motor vehicle accident

Find out how to ensure your safety and what steps to take when you’ve been hurt in a motor accident.

Funeral trends that are on the rise in Australia

There are so many different ways people are saying their final farewells. Take a look at these popular funeral trends hitting Australia.

Health insurance after retirement

As you get older, safeguarding your health becomes a priority. Here are some ways to adjust your health cover to keep you protected and save you money.

Three fabulous ideas to make retirement an exciting new chapter

Always wanted to join a band? Here are three adventurous ideas to make the most of the next chapter in your life – your retirement years.

The Importance of Staying Connected

As we get older, our relationships with friends and family become so crucial. But how to stay connected in the age of COVID-19?

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