The best dog breeds for older Australians

Seeking a new furry friend? A dog can make for a wonderful pet to share your life with, and welcoming one into your home can benefit you as much as them. Just keep in mind, puppies often require lots of energy to maintain and can be quite spritely, so you might want to consider inviting a more mature furry friend into your home

Best breeds for small spaces

If you call an apartment or townhouse home, there are plenty of dog breeds who will happily fit your cosy space. Pugs can be a somewhat sluggish breed, often preferring the couch to a park, but this laid-back attitude makes them perfect for small spaces. You might want to also consider Yorkshire Terriers; they’re spirited dogs with big and affectionate personalities, often requiring minimal fuss. Prefer a larger dog? Golden Retrievers rarely bark and are incredibly loyal, doting on owners and revelling their attention. Provided you get them out for a daily stroll, Golden Retrievers are an excellent breed for cosy-sized homes.

Low-energy breeds

Not all dogs bounce around the room begging for a walk. Great Danes, while large, are low on energy and will happily park themselves on the front porch for the day. Bulldogs fit the bill to a tee: affectionate and slow-going, they love nothing more than quality time spent snuggled up with their favourite human. Another breed that’s a great low-energy companion is Cavalier King Charles. These gentle and loving dogs really only need two things in life to be happy: short daily walks and someone to spend their days with.

Low-maintenance breeds

Regular grooming can be arduous and costly. Short-hair breeds, like Pugs, Jack Russells and Dachshunds, have no-fuss coats and require minimal brushing, while Labradoodles don’t shed a lot of hair. And if getting out the door for multiple walks per day doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, breeds like French Bulldog and Shih Tzu are content with minimal exercise, simply scampering around the house when the mood strikes.

Breeds that will keep you active

While also providing companionship, active breeds are a great way to help you stay young. Top of the list is the lively, intelligent, and highly social Vizsla breed. These dogs love a good walk, ideally to a park where they can bound around and really stretch their legs. Golden Retrievers will get you out of the house every day for a lap around the block, and playing fetch is their favourite way to pass the time – especially if it’s at the beach where they can frolic in the waves as well.

Breeds you can take in your caravan

If you spend much of the year on the road, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the companionship dogs provide. Caravanning with dogs is entirely possible, you simply need to choose your breed carefully. Small-breed dogs are better suited to life on the road, for obvious reasons. Breeds like Maltese, Shih Tzu, and Dachshund won’t mind the lack of room to roam while lap dogs like Cavalier King Charles and Pugs will bask in the extra cuddles they’ll receive on long road trips.

Are pets covered by Home Insurance?

Damage caused to your home or contents by an animal you’re keeping as a pet isn’t covered by Apia Home & Contents Insurance, so keep that in mind when you’re considering your companion.

If you have Apia Contents Insurance, your policy will cover veterinary expenses required by your dog if it’s injured as a result of a motor vehicle impact.

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