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How to use social media for your side hustle

Social media has made it easier than ever to build brands and relationships. With social media usage doubling over the past 2 years, retired Aussies have clearly welcomed social media with open arms. Social media has made global exposure possible and online opportunities endless. Best of all, we can achieve this all from the comfort of our own home, or in Marek's case, from a home studio.

Meet Marek: sometimes a real estate agent, sometimes model and fashion influencer. We spoke to him about how he found a way to explore his passion for fashion and styling by getting online. “Instagram is a vehicle to express my creativity and love of fashion”, says Marek, who has realised that it’s easy to use social platforms to inject personality into his online presence.

Marek Photo

Marek welcomes the attention that his retro and eccentric style brings, saying “it's just freedom to express”. Armed with a great sense of style, Marek still had to figure a few things out before being able to attract attention via social media. Here are his top tips for making a splash on Instagram. 

Use the right lighting

You can never underestimate the power of great lighting. If you take photos around sunrise or sunset, the soft light will add a natural glow. For a more dramatic or moody look, shoot in the middle of the day. For the strongest light, turn on your house lights or use your camera flash. 

Plant pot being display in a great light.

Morning light

A well grown potted indoor plant

Dull lighting

Take more photos than you think you’ll need

Your phone has the storage to keep hundreds of photos, so there’s no need to try and take one “perfect” photo. Experiment with different poses, locations, and compositions – you might find the final shot you choose is an unexpected or candid one. Paring back is much easier than recreating your scenes.

Edit your photos

You can use editing capabilities on your phone to help bring out the best colours and compositions in your photos. If your colours are a little dull, make a small adjustment to the saturation. If the photo is too dark, you can adjust the brilliance and contrast. Finally, use the grid lines to guide your crop and positioning.

editing potted plant

Extend the story with captions and hashtags

Your caption should tell the same story as your image, and any hashtags you use should be relevant to the topic you are posting about. Hashtags are a great way to help make your content discoverable for people who are searching for what you are posting about. To get the most out of them, make sure you don’t use spaces, punctuation, or symbols. Capitalise the start of each word  in your hashtag to make it easierst to read.

Social post with hashtags

Capitilised hashtags

Marek has enjoyed the process of building an online presence, saying “using technology to promote myself has made me more visible to people who find my look interesting and want to collaborate with me”.

Check out our video where he shares his tips on how he learned the basics of promoting himself and his side hustle online.  

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