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Favourite wedding day moments as a parent

Seating charts, dress shopping, the bouquet toss and a walk down the aisle. Do these sound familiar? We’re not talking about your own wedding day though, we mean when you’re helping to plan or attending the wedding of one of your kids!

The emotions still tend to run high, even when you’re not the one actually tying the knot, so we thought we’d ask a few people to share their favourite moment as the mother or father of the bride or groom.

“Right after Holly and Tom finished their vows, Holly kissed Tom. The priest said ‘Oh, I was just about to say you may now kiss the bride, but you’ve jumped the gun!’ So they kissed again (and a third time!)” says Libby, 53, from Victoria, on the highlight of the day when seeing her son get married.

It’s not just the mums out there who will undoubtedly hold the day close to their hearts, for many dads it’s also a big day to share with their daughter or son. And even when they’re not your own nuptials, the nerves can get the better of you!

“I know it might sound cliché, but it’s probably the moment I got to walk my daughter down the aisle. I think I was more nervous than she was! I felt so proud to be part of that moment in her life, in front of all our friends and family,” says Geoff, 61, from New South Wales. “It’s not something I’ll forget anytime soon!”

It’s not always just the day itself that will have you reaching for the Kleenex, if you’re helping out with the preparations, there are sure to be some standout moments between parent and child.

“The day was amazing! I probably couldn’t pick one moment that stood out the most because it was just so lovely to see them so happy. In the planning though, my favourite part had to be helping Sarah choose her dress,” says Anna, 57, who saw her daughter get married in Western Australia a couple of years ago.

“I loved being part of that, because I don’t think we’ll have another moment quite like that. And seeing her in her dress for the first time when she tried it on, just how happy she looked, I was so proud to be her mum!” she says.

There’s no doubt it’ll be an emotional time for most, especially the bride- or groom-to-be. And if you’re lucky enough to get a front row seat to the occasion, you’ll be able to see how everything unfolds on the day with your new in-laws.

“I was watching Mark the moment he saw Fi walking down the aisle. She had been really adamant that Mark didn’t see her in her dress beforehand – it’s probably the only tradition they really stuck with – and I could see my son welling up! I’ve got to say, he’s not much of a crier, but in that moment he was really struggling to hold it together,” says Devon, 57 from Victoria, who saw his son get married recently.

While there are bound to be plenty of those tear-jerking moments during the day, the lighter moments of potential hilarity will be just as memorable – for you, and for the bridal party!

“I got up and sang!” says John, 59, from Western Australia. “I think normally my daughter would have been horrified, but everyone was in such a good mood, it was after the speeches when the dance floor was starting to fill up. I just couldn’t help myself, and Brett (her new hubby), even got up on stage with me for a bit of a duet!”

No matter how the day turns out, whether everything goes to plan or there are disasters to manage, your son or daughter getting married is a day to celebrate – hopefully any tears will be tears of joy!

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