What impacts the cost of my car insurance?

The cost of car insurance is influenced by several factors, including the car’s age, make and model, as well as the driver’s history. Knowing those factors can help you understand your premiums, and potentially save you a few bucks.

The type of policy you choose

In addition to the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance that comes with your car rego or the CTP you purchase separately, such as Green Slip in NSW and MAI in the ACT, you can choose from a range of car insurance options. Apia offers three levels of cover, making it easy to find one that suits your needs.

Discover Apia Car Insurance

At Apia you insure your car for a chosen amount. That is, you and your insurer can agree to an amount covered up front. You can vary this amount within the given range for your car.

You can also raise or lower your excess, within limits we set, which can change your premium.

All these factors, plus optional covers like Roadside Assist, Hire Car, and windscreen and window glass cover, will impact your car insurance premium price.

If you’re an Apia policyholder, you can visit our Online Services to vary your amount covered or check your car insurance excess at anytime.

The driver behind the wheel  

Your age, gender, driving experience, driving history, and claims history can impact car insurance costs. Also, listing any additional drivers on your policy may affect the premiums. You can add drivers to your policy via Apia Online Services.

The car you drive

The value of your car can impact your car insurance premium. For example, if you have something rare or modified, you may pay a little more on your premium. Potential repairs costs can also be a factor; if a particular model is likely to cost a little more to repair, your insurer may have to charge more to balance things out.

On the flip side, if a car presents less of a risk because of its safety features, it may cost less to insure than a riskier car.

Where you keep your car

Is your car parked in a locked garage, or left parked on the street? Moving your car into a locked garage may not only protect your car from theft or vandalism, but it can also prevent weather damage, too.

Your new address can also affect how car insurance premiums are calculated. This can include the frequency of accidents and the rate of crime in your area.

Lowering your premiums

At Apia, we offer discounts and rewards that can help you save, such as our multi-policy discount*. For example, if you add your home insurance and car insurance, you can save up to 10% off your premium.

Another way to save cash on your car insurance is with Apia’s Drive Less, Pay Less discount*. If you’re driving less than 20,000 kms per year and have a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, you could reduce your premiums and put those savings to good use elsewhere.

Claiming is easy

At Apia, we’re here to help make things easy. When you do need to claim ­after an accident, it’s our priority to get you back on the road without the hassle. Our customers can access our online services or make an online claim, 24/7. 

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*If you receive more than one discount, we apply each in a predetermined order to the already discounted premium (usually before adding taxes and charges). The discounts we offer are subject to change.

Multi-policy discount (MPD) rewards you with a discount off your premium for holding two or more eligible paid Apia general insurance policies. There must be a common mailing address and the person(s) seeking the discount must be nominated as an insured with the same name on each eligible policy. If you take out a new policy and then qualify for the MPD, you are eligible to receive the discount on that new policy immediately and on your other existing eligible policies from their next renewal date, provided you still qualify. If you become eligible for the MPD around the time your other policies are due for renewal, the MPD may not have been applied to the renewing policies because the renewals were generated before you were eligible for MPD. Please contact us if you believe you are eligible for the MPD on your renewal but it is not shown on your certificate of insurance. ​ See full terms and conditions.

Eligible policies that qualify for the MPD are Apia: home, contents, landlord, car, motorcycle, boat, caravan and motorhome insurance. To find out more about the multi-policy discount please phone us on 13 50 50.​

MPD does not apply to optional covers Personal valuables – unspecified items, Personal valuables – specified items, Apia Home Assist, Excess-free Glass cover or Apia Roadside Assist. 

Drive Less Pay Less discount does not apply to optional covers Apia Roadside Assist and Windscreen and window glass cover.

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