Does Contents Insurance cover mobility scooters?

Yes! Apia Contents Insurance  — including our Apartment, Assisted Living and Village Insurance policies — covers mobility scooters. The specifics of what’s covered may differ between insurance types, so it’s worth reading your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to make sure you have right type of cover for you.

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What’s covered by Contents Insurance?

Apia Contents Insurance covers belongings you keep and use at home. It also includes some items you might think of as vehicles, such as mobility scooters and motorised wheelchairs.

If you get around on them and they don't need to be insured under any compulsory third party or motor accident injuries insurance laws they’re probably covered. However, if you want your mobility scooter to be covered while it's out and about, you’ll need to add our personal valuables optional cover to your policy for an extra premium. This can especially useful if it’s your primary mode of transport. However, Apia Contents Insurance won’t cover your mobility scooter for legal liability if your state or territory require it to be insured for compulsory third party or motor accident injuries insurance.

Do I need to cover my mobility scooter as a personal valuable?

It depends how you use your mobility scooter.

When your mobility scooter is at home, Apia Home Contents Extra will cover it in an insured event. Just so you know, an ‘insured event’ is an event that we cover and that could cause you to make a claim, such as fire, theft, malicious damage and flood.

If it’s your way of getting around outside your home, you may need to consider adding personal valuables optional cover for an extra premium. Personal valuables provides coverage for loss or damage to items that you leave your house with you, including mobility scooters or wheelchairs. These items can be unspecified, meaning you can claim for them whether or not they’re listed on your policy, but unspecified items will only be covered up to $1,000.

Since mobility scooters can be expensive, you might find it useful to specify yours — so you can ensure that it’s sum insured covers its replacement value. FYI, this will mean an increased premium.

Do I need to insure my mobility scooter?

A mobility scooter can be a useful way to get around if you're unable to walk long distances. 

Whether you’re at home or out and about, you may find yourself in a situation where your mobility aid is affected by an insured event. This is where the right insurance cover could come in handy. A policy may provide cover for your mobility scooter so that you’re not without your wheels for longer than necessary.

How to include your mobility scooter on your insurance policy

Simply let us know. You can do this by:

Apia Contents Insurance has been designed with you in mind. What’s more, if you work less than 37 hours each week, you may be eligible to save on your premium with our Work Less Pay Less® discount.*

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