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Roadside Assist

Apia now offers Roadside Assist as an optional extra on your Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.

Apia Roadside Assistance

Get the best possible value out of your Comprehensive Car Insurance by adding Roadside Assist to your policy for less than $7 a month with no joining fee.

Driving hazards and motoring problems can happen any time, any day, anywhere. Apia Roadside Assist aims to get you back on the road with a dedicated roadside assistance service for your car, available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, Australia wide.

Unlimited call outs for minor breakdown related repairs
  • Battery restarts and replacement assistance
  • Helping change a flat tyre
  • Locksmith service up to $150 via reimbursement
  • Emergency fuel up to $10
  • Towing up to 20km metro or 100km regional
  • Your insured car is covered for roadside assistance with any driver

Call us on 13 50 50 to talk to a real person in Australia about adding Apia Roadside Assist to your Comprehensive Car Insurance policy.

How Apia Roadside Assist works

If you have had Apia Roadside Assist as an added extra on your current Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy for 48 hours or more:

For breakdowns, call us on 13 50 50

Apia cares about your safety – Take steps to remove yourself from hazardous locations or danger from passing traffic.

Stay with your car so that we can assist you. If you have to leave your car for safety reasons, please let us know during your call.

Have your car's registration number and your best contact number handy.

What happens next?

Our team will attempt to mobilise the vehicle through guidance over the phone where possible and safe to do so.

Once in attendance, if your vehicle cannot be mobilised on the roadside, we will arrange to tow it to the nearest repairer (Km limitations apply). 

What our customers say


I just can't have enough praise and admiration for what you've done for us, it's just been absolutely fantastic.

Graeme, Apia Customer

I've insured my second car with Apia now too, because I found the service very good and they really seem to approach the over 50s well I think.

Allan, Apia Customer

One call and they organised everything, including a tow truck and a taxi ordered to take me home. My car was fixed perfectly.

Christine, Apia Customer