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Enjoying what you already have – how to celebrate what you own

Whether you’ve had to move house more times than you can count, or you’ve always struggled with storage space in the places that you’ve lived over the years, we’re all familiar with that feeling of being overwhelmed with stuff. There’s no denying that in the last year or so there’s been a real focus on cutting down on how many things you own – we even wrote about it here for Apia Good Life. While cutting out the things in your life that don’t “spark joy”, as Marie Kondo would say, is really important, there’s another side to this idea that we think is worthy of mention. It’s to make an effort to enjoy and really cherish what you already have.

Rather than feeling the need to replace old items with new – from refreshing your wardrobe every season to replacing a perfectly functioning television – we think it can be just as important to celebrate the things you already own.

For those who might have recently made a concerted effort to get rid of unnecessary stuff around the house, this can often invite opportunities for us to feel the need to replace all those binned or given away items. If your closet is suddenly looking a little empty, or your kitchen cupboards a little bare, are you now battling the desire to go out and buy new things to replace the old?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to replace worn through or broken items, but when we start to see too many of our items as disposable or easily replaceable then it’s arguably time to readjust our mindsets.

Focusing on what’s valuable to you, and treasuring it over the years to come can have pretty clear positive benefits mentally, environmentally and financially.

Setting an unexpected challenge

We can all be guilty of falling into habits of convenience – it’s understandable if we spend so much of our day rushing around! Yet, there’s a way that celebrating what you have can provide a new challenge – and maybe even turn into a newfound hobby! This new challenge could take the form of digging out the long-forgotten pasta maker that hasn’t seen the light of day in years, or it could mean refreshing your sewing skills to patch up a piece of clothing. While it might not be as quick and easy as, say, picking up some premade pasta from the shops, you could discover a side to your culinary skills that was long forgotten. It will not only give you an excuse to slow things down during a busy day, but it’s also a way to get your mind ticking over in a new way to give you a chance to be more creative.

The environmental aspect

The term ‘conscious consumerism’ is one that’s starting to become used more frequently, as we all start to think about the amount of waste that’s ending up both in landfill and in the oceans that surround us. With this term in mind, celebrating what we already own is a chance to consume (or purchase) more thoughtfully, investing in something long-term that we’re likely to get the full life out of rather than disposing of or replacing it before we technically need to.

Financial savings

This could be a chance for you to make some financial savings! For those who often purchase new items of clothing each new season or for a particular occasion, the idea of ‘shopping your wardrobe’ is a chance to save on bills by reducing those regular retail therapy trips. Even reducing on buying those cheaper, everyday items that add up in the long-run – would buying a soda maker be more economical than buying single-use soda water bottles? How about trading in your takeaway coffee for a home coffee machine that the whole family can use for years to come?

Buying second-hand goods online is another great way to reduce your consumption, and take less of a hit to your bank account. Places like eBay and Facebook Marketplace are ideal for when you’re on a budget and need anything from a bedside table to an outdoor dining set. If you or your loved one has a birthday coming up, or you’re looking for a reason to splurge on them, there are places where you’re able to purchase pre-owned luxury and consignment clothes and accessories online.

No matter your reasons for giving conscious consumerism a go, just remember to go easy on yourself. Focus on what’s valuable to you and why, rather than putting pressure on yourself to get rid of things or not buy more just for the sake of it. Wherever you land with it, knowing what’s valuable in your home is even more reason to lock in the right Home and Contents Insurance so that the possessions you do keep are safe and protected. You can find out more about Apia Home and Contents Insurance here.

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