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Supporting QLD and NSW customers through flood and storm recovery

As weeks of wild weather begin to ease in many parts of the east coast, thousands of Aussies begin their long road to recovery. Here’s how we support you through the home insurance claim process.

Can pensioners get CTP Green Slip discounts?

Find out if pension eligibility affects prices for CTP green slip insurance. You might be able to save on car registration costs too.

What senior concessions are available to you?

Going over your finances in retirement? Here are some of the senior concessions you might be able to receive.

What is car insurance excess?

Find out about the different types of car insurance excess, and how they work.

5 things that can void your home and contents insurance

Home insurance is essential for every responsible homeowner. But it’s not enough to simply buy a policy. What are the things that can void your home and contents insurance?

Repair vs replace: Which is better for your budget?

When something stops working, do you fix it, or should you replace it? Weigh up the pros and cons of repairing furniture, phones and other household items.

Home Assist: Common Claims and what does it cover?

If you encounter a sudden and unforeseen incident requiring urgent attention from a Plumber, Electrician, Locksmith or Carpenter, we can arrange for help to be provided. Find out how.

How to make a CTP/MAI Insurance claim

Wondering how to make a CTP/MAI Insurance claim? We’ve listed the steps for each state to make it simple if you ever need to make a claim.

What does Fire, Theft & Third Party Property cover?

Fire, Theft & Third Party Property cover could be what you need to insure your vehicle. See how Apia can help.

Over 50s guide to buying car insurance online

Shopping for insurance online can help make life simple. Compare providers and policies or get quotes, all from your smartphone or computer!

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Together, helping people to stay in the place they love

The Guide to Living Well is a useful resource that helps you to develop a plan for growing older well.

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Five Good Friends and Apia, together helping families plan for future care needs, through education, advice and support.