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Understanding Our New
Apia Motorcycle Insurance PDS

Introducing the new Apia Motorcycle Advantage Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for policies renewing on or after 23 March 2021. The PDS contains important information you need to know about your Apia insurance product. Please ensure you read it carefully.

We’ve changed the layout of the PDS to help make it easier to understand. And we have also made other changes to the policy – we have added and changed covers and we have added and changed exclusions and conditions.

Below are some examples of things we have changed:

  • Extra support (new section in your PDS)
  • Your responsibilities
  • When you replace your motorcycle
  • Excesses (when and how to pay)
  • Things we don’t cover
  • How we settle your claim
  • Unavailable parts
  • Contribution to repairs
  • Joint policyholders
  • Conduct of others (new section in your PDS)

For full details, please refer to your PDS.

Things We Don’t Cover

General Exclusions is now called ‘Things we don’t cover’. Things we don’t cover includes some new and updated exclusions, such as:

  • Alcohol, drugs, medication
  • Electrical charging equipment
  • Extra costs or other losses following an incident covered by your policy
  • Intentional or deliberate acts
  • Reckless acts
  • Sale of your motorcycle
  • Unattended motorcycle
  • Unlawful purposes
  • Unlicensed riding

For full details, please refer to your PDS.

Details of some of the changes to the PDS

Changes when there are joint policyholders

During the period of insurance, we might ask all joint policyholders first before we action a request or direction in relation to your policy (e.g. before we cancel your policy, reduce your cover or remove another policyholder). This way we can help protect the interests of all policyholders.


We have clarified that there is no requirement to pay the excess upfront when you first lodge your claim.

Trailer cover

Damage to your trailer when it becomes detached from a moving motorcycle is now covered.

Conduct of others

When we consider a claim, we will have regard to any prejudice you have suffered due to the conduct of others and we may meet the claim when we are not legally required to do so.

Summary of cover table

New ‘Summary of cover’ table including insured events, additional covers and optional covers to assist you with navigating the new format.

Details of some of the changes to the Claims Section

Contribution to repairs

We have clarified when we may ask you to contribute to the cost of repairs where we are unable to safely carry out insured repairs due to pre-existing damage to your motorhome. For example, when there is neglect, wear and tear, weathering, rust, mould, mildew or corrosion.

If you do not want to pay these amounts, we will pay you the assessed quote of the repairs directly related to the accepted claim.

Our right to recover from those who are responsible

We have added examples of the assistance that may be required from you if we take action against a party for the recovery of your loss.

How we settle your claim

Apia requires you to obtain a quote from your repairer. If you choose not to accept the repair/replacement method and request a cash settlement we will pay the amount of the assessed quote.

The information above is not a complete list of the changes to your Apia Motorcycle Insurance. For full details of what is and isn’t covered, please read the Apia Motorcycle Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Consider the PDS before making a decision about this insurance