Apia customer support team moves in to help bushfire affected residents

Apia is encouraging customers impacted by bushfires in Western Australia’s South West to contact them as soon as possible for support.

Apia spokesperson, Angela Wilkinson, said: “These fires have been absolutely devastating to local communities and we’ve already heard some tragic stories. Our staff are providing immediate assistance to those affected in Yarloop, Waroona and surrounding areas and are ready to help residents start the recovery process.”

“The aftermath of the bushfires can be a very distressing and traumatic experience and we’re prepared to do all we can to help our customers during this difficult time. We are prioritising the needs of the elderly and vulnerable members of the community.”

“Given the bushfire is still burning, safe access may not yet be available to affected homes for a few days yet. However, customers do not need to wait to return home to begin the claims process, nor do they need a copy of their insurance policy, as we will have all that information on file,” Ms Wilkinson said.

“Our team is already contacting affected customers and providing access to emergency funds which they can use immediately for anything from clothes, to food or transport. We are also arranging provisions for temporary accommodation in circumstances where homes are uninhabitable,” Ms Wilkinson advised.

For residents returning to their properties over the coming days and weeks, Apia is urging them to exercise caution and to follow the advice of emergency authorities.

Apia customers can lodge their claims over the phone 24 hours a day on 13 50 50 or online at www.apia.com.au.