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19 Dec 2013

Tennis is a fun and social way of keeping fit and active and is enjoyed by almost 770,000 Australians. It is an important part of Australia’s national sporting and cultural heritage and features in the active lifestyles of many Australians with hundreds of players participating every day in tennis clubs all across the country2.

Often described as a sport for life, tennis is easy for people of any age to learn, and to continue playing later in life. It is one of the great sports where you can develop and grow your technical skills and knowledge as you get older and continue to play socially and competitively.

Whether you are playing for the first time or returning to the game, there are dozens of benefits to getting involved with tennis. According to a recent study, people who play tennis have improved aerobic fitness, a lower body fat percentage, reduced risk for developing cardiovascular disease and improved bone health4. It is also a great social activity, offering an enjoyable and healthy way to spend time with friends, meet new people and get in touch with your local tennis community. Playing doubles makes it easy for players of varying abilities to enjoy and compete.  Mixed doubles is particularly popular in all age groups.

We are lucky in Australia to have a climate that allows us to spend time outdoors and play tennis all year round. There are hundreds of local clubs around Australia that offer wonderful facilities and tennis programs for people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re interested in playing socially, competing in a tournament or getting lessons, there’s a club and program out there for you.

Visit Tennis Australia to find out more and get in touch with your local club.





4 British Journal of Sports Medicine article ‘Health benefits of tennis’