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 13 50 50
3 Dec 2014

Apia is encouraging any customers who are yet to lodge a claim following last week’s destructive storm to do so today with further storms forecast from Friday.

Apia spokesperson, Angela Wilkinson, said the company had received more than 7000 home claims to date but was encouraging other affected customers who have put off lodging a claim to report any damage as soon as possible.

“Home assessments are now well underway with the majority of current home claims requiring assessor attendance to be completed by the end of the week.

“However, with more storms forecast for the end of the week, we want to do our best to ensure all efforts are made to secure and protect homes from additional storm conditions and so no further damage is sustained,” Ms Wilkinson said.

“Some residents may underestimate their level of damage, and what starts out as a few cracked or missing tiles could turn into a big problem without the proper protective measures that we can provide.

“We encourage customers to notify us of any damage, no matter how minor as soon as possible and ensure we can protect homes as best we can before Friday,” Ms Wilkinson said.

Customers can lodge a claim by calling 13 50 50 or by going online and lodging at

More information:

Angela Wilkinson
Corporate Affairs, Apia
0477 395 119

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