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18 Oct 2013

Apia NSW bushfires response update – Friday, 25 October, 2013

Our Customer Response Team, a mobile insurance claims office where customers can lodge their claim in person, will be operating today at the North Richmond Community Centre, located at 33 William Street, North Richmond unitl 4.00pm. We also have a second CRT operating at the Springwood Presbyterian Church, located at 160 Macquarie Rd, Springwood today. If customers cannot make it to the CRT, they can still lodge their claims online or over the phone on 13 50 50.

Customers can find further updates about the latest locations here or by calling the Customer Response Team Hotline on 1800 158 892.

Due to the evolving nature of the situation, we will provide further updates if there are any changes to these locations, or if we are able to send out more CRTs to other locations.

Apia, the leading insurance provider for over 50s, is urging policyholders affected by the NSW bushfires to contact its 24 hour telephone service, 13 50 50 for assistance.Apia spokesperson, David Skapinker, said that Apia has its Claims Assist call centre staff ready to help residents lodge their claims.

“Personal safety should always be the number one priority, but once safe we encourage our customers to lodge their claim and start the assessment process immediately - they do not need to return to their home or business before contacting us,” Mr Skapinker said.

“Apia’s Home and Contents Insurance policy may provide access to emergency funds which people can use immediately for anything from clothes, to food or transport. Our Home and Contents policy also has provisions for emergency accommodation in some circumstances.

“The situation is developing, so it is too early to talk about claim numbers, however we are well equipped to help our customers during a disaster of this magnitude.

“We are determining the best location to deploy our Customer Response Teams, which are effectively wireless self sustainable claims centres that will go to the heart of affected regions and process claims and assessments quickly and in person. Again, though, our customers can lodge their claims over the phone 24 hours a day on 13 50 50.

“We would also encourage people to check in and assist older members of the community. We know that Australians aged 55 and over are more likely to live in bushfire prone areas than any other age demographic*. Just popping round to check on an older person is OK would be a relief for many, particularly as the time to decide to evacuate or stay comes closer.

“People concerned about bushfires threatening their homes should contact their insurers to ensure their policies are up to date and provide an appropriate level of cover.”

Frequently asked questions for those affected by bushfires:

How can I lodge a claim?

Apia customers can phone our call centre on 13 50 50. We will be deploying our Customer Response Team so that people can lodge their claims in person, and we will provide updates on their location.

How long do I have to lodge a claim?

There is no immediate time limit on when a claim must be lodged, though it must be lodged within two years. We do encourage our customers to lodge their claim as soon as possible though so that we can get the repair or rebuild process under way.

There is major damage to my house, can I get someone to repair it if it’s not liveable?

Remember, your personal safety is ultimately the most important thing. Do not attempt any temporary repairs or clean up that may place you or anyone else in harms’ way. Emergency funding to help with living expenses may be available to those of Apia’s customers whose homes have been left uninhabitable. You should contact Apia on 13 50 50 immediately if the house is not livable or cannot reasonably be made safe.


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