What is private health insurance ?

An overview

In Australia, Medicare provides health care for citizens and permanent residents. By taking out private health insurance you can get more health care options, peace of mind and it may even help you avoid tax.

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Hospital & Extras

Hospital cover gives you access to private hospitals and choice of doctor, while Extras cover helps with the costs of services not normally covered by Medicare, such as dental and physiotherapy.

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Lifetime health cover

Under Lifetime Health Cover (LHC), you’ll pay a 2% loading on top of the normal premiums for each year you don’t have hospital cover, over age 31. The loading only applies for 10 years of continuous hospital cover. This isn’t just with Apia health insurance, but every health fund.

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The Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance

The Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance click here for more information.

More information?

Avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge and paying extra tax click here for more information.