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Seven free must-have travel apps


Having the right travel apps installed on your smartphone can make a world of difference when it comes to making your journey easier. What's even better is that these seven must-have apps are free to download.


Once you've sorted out your trip – flights, transfers, hotels and car rental – send the details to Tripit and it will create a handy itinerary. You also have offline access to maps and weather forecasts relating to the itinerary you have created.

XE Currency Exchange

Exchange rates are the hidden cost of travel, and you might be in for a surprise when your credit card statement shows you how much that 'bargain buy' overseas really cost in Australian dollars. This handy app lets you compare currencies, and once you have set up your favourite currency, you can convert offline.


Still the biggest and the best for trip planning, TripAdvisor is where you find what fellow travellers have experienced at hotels, restaurants, attractions and much more. The 'Near Me Now' tool generates street-level views and options near your location.

Wi-Fi Finder

Never pay huge internet fees again when staying at a hotel. Wi-Fi Finder tracks more than 545,000 wifi hotspots in 144 countries.


This app allows you to search, compare, co-ordinate and book flights, hotels and car rentals. It also links to TripAdvisor to provide information on hotels using ratings and reviews from other travellers.

Google Translate

This app will translate over 60 languages instantaneously. Just think it and type it to see the translation and hear the phrase in the desired language.


Allows you to view over 700 seating layouts from nearly 100 airlines with colour-coded interactive charts – so you just can pick your ideal seat. Green is a 'good' seat, red is a 'not so good' seat, and yellow is an 'avoid at all costs' seat. You are also able to find low airfares and get real-time flight status alerts.

City Maps 2Go

Accessing maps on your phone or tablet can be very expensive, but this great app allows you to download and then store maps of hundreds of cities offline, including the ability to search for streets, hotels, restaurants and more.

This article was supplied by Australia's leading retirement website YourLifeChoices

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