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Celebrities you won't believe are really 50


You'll be amazed by how many of the best-known names and faces have found the secret of eternal youth (or maybe just the skill of a fabulous plastic surgeon). Here are some celebrities you might be surprised to know have reached the big 5-0.

Brad Pitt (born 18 December 1963). Maybe it's his bone structure, maybe it's the love of the lovely Angelina, or maybe it's that killer smile, but, whatever it is, Brad radiates youth.

Julianne Moore (born 3 December 1960). This highly respected actress reached super-stardom later than others, so perhaps it's the maturity of her performances more than her ageless beauty that is the real clue.

J.K. Rowling (born 31 July 1965). How can we not associate this acclaimed author with the joys of youth, when her major creation is that wizardly teenager Harry Potter?

Sarah Jessica Parker (born 25 March 1965). It's clear that Sex and the City isn't only this actress's major stardom vehicle but also her formula for looking fabulous.

Tom Cruise (born 3 July 1962). Despite his occasional days of thunder, Tom has also basked in the glow of a vanilla sky to still maintain a youthful visage. Who said that was a mission impossible?

Brooke Shields (born 31 May 1965). To many of us, she's still the child star who had two major film successes – Pretty Baby and Blue Lagoon – and a Vogue cover shoot by the time she was 15.

Linda Evangelista (born 10 May 1965). She's the model who famously said that she doesn't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day. Well, all that beauty sleep has paid off.

Eddie McGuire (born 29 October 1964). You'd think the stress of being president of Collingwood Football Club would age him overnight, but, in fact, giving away heaps of money on TV every week is his elixir for keeping young.

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