Five home gadgets you’ll wonder how you lived without

Technology can seem like a never-ending challenge. The moment you think you’ve mastered the latest device or app, something new emerges, promising to make your life better, easier or more convenient. Sometimes setting up and managing these gadgets can seem so difficult that the convenience isn’t worth it – but don’t let that keep you from the benefits technology can provide. Here are five tried and tested home gadgets that are so easy to set up and use you’ll wonder how you survived so long without them.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Although vacuum cleaners have become lighter and easier to manoeuvre, vacuuming can still be hard work, especially getting into all those hard to reach places. A robot vacuum cleaner automatically scans and travels around the room, cleaning all available surfaces. They use sensors to detect obstacles and other hazards to ensure they don’t, for example, fall down stairs. Some even have a wet mopping function to clean hard floors after vacuuming.

Smart lighting

Smart LED bulbs are connected to your home's power, but they can be controlled wirelessly with your phone, tablet, or smart assistant. That means you can set them to automatically turn on or off at a certain time, or control them remotely. For example, say you arrive at the shops then remember that you forgot to turn the lights off — you can use a smartphone app to do it then and there, cutting down electricity usage.

Bluetooth trackers

“Where are my keys?” Four little words that you’ll never have to say again once you get your hands on a bluetooth tracker. These small stickers attach to your most commonly misplaced items (like your keys, remote control, or glasses case) and connect to your phone via an app. To locate your item, simply click on the app’s “find me” feature and your tracker will emit a high pitched sound until you find it.

Smart assistants

Digital voice-activated personal assistants may look simple, but their uses are almost limitless. They work like a computer but instead of typing to get information, you can simply ask your personal assistant to tell you the answer to your questions or perform tasks. For example, asking for the weather forecast while you’re choosing your outfit, or playing your favourite music while getting your hands dirty in the garden. Assistants can also remind you of birthdays, prompt you to take medication at the correct time, or pay credit card bills before the due date.

Video doorbells

A video doorbell allows you to see and hear who’s at your doorstep, without opening the door (or even leaving the couch). Using an inbuilt camera, the doorbell connects with an app to give you a real-time view of your visitor. Some video doorbells even have motion sensors to detect a presence and alert you, while others allow you to speak to your visitor before opening the door.

Let your tech do the heavy lifting

When it comes to technology, it can be tempting to stick with what you know – but there are some incredible gadgets that are making home life more convenient and enjoyable, without causing more work for you. So grab a cuppa and put your feet up while your smart gadgets do all the hard work for you.

Make sure your tech is covered

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