Studying to secure an international career

As a business analyst, David had many years of experience working professionally, and thought he’d have no problems finding a job when he moved from Sydney to set up a new home overseas with his partner. Yet, when he arrived in Kuala Lumpur, things didn’t quite go as expected. 

“The only way that you can be assessed here for a role is based on your qualifications, and then your experience,” says David. “And for me, what I lacked was the qualification.”

With this in mind, David needed to find a way to get qualified that still allowed him the flexibility to keep flying back and forth to Sydney for contract work to maintain a steady income. Open Universities Australia (OUA) offered the ideal solution for David, who is now making headway in completing a Bachelor of Business Information Systems from Swinburne University.

Unexpected extras

It’s fair to say David felt pretty comfortable about the amount he knew about his long-time profession. So, he wasn’t sure how much there was to really gain from further study, other than the official qualification. Yet, once undertaking the course, there were areas where David realised he really needed to learn more – particularly in database design.

“[Previously], I’d be thinking, I’m not too sure what they’re going on about, but I’d nod and ask questions. Now, when I work with those people, I know exactly what their needs are,” says David.

Although David was wary of the idea of online study at first, he now loves the fact he gets to communicate with classmates who are dotted all over the world. Whether talking in a virtual classroom, or collaborating on work through platforms like Google Docs and Google Hangouts, online study is giving them a way to connect from across the globe.

Whether you’ve already got a busy schedule and really need flexibility with your studies, or you’re set on learning at your own pace, online study offers a great solution.

“I find that for me, learning online is a whole lot better,” says David.

With that in mind, David is bound to have his career up and running in Kuala Lumpur in no time, with a qualification that will secure his place as an internationally-employable business professional.

No matter your schedule, online study allows you to learn at your own pace, from wherever you are. If you’re like David and want to get qualified to help strengthen your career, get in touch with Open Universities Australia here, or call them on 1300 513 044, to find out more about the degrees on offer.


This article was originally published by our friends at Open Universities Australia.


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