Four tips to take the stress out of your schedule

There’s often this perception that things will begin to slow down as we get older. Yet, with work commitments, a family to spend time with and friends we want to see, slowing down may be the last thing on your mind! Trying to include studying, taking on a new hobby or planning a trip overseas in your schedule might just feel like another ball you’d have to juggle.

So, how do we take the stress out of our schedules, so we have more time to enjoy the things we love?

1.    Set up a system

After more than a couple of decades doing those regular life admin tasks like grocery shopping and paying bills, you’ll know that they can really eat away at your time if you’re not organised. Why not automate the admin tasks in your life? From setting up your bills to be paid automatically, to signing up for a food subscription service like Hello Fresh, you’ll see time freed up from these regular chores. If you’re feeling extra tech-savvy, a smart home system like Google Home can become like you’re very own home assistant, and allow you more time to focus on the fun stuff. 

2.    Find the right balance for you

Nothing increases stress more than feeling like you’re being pulled in a million different directions. Yet, it can be really difficult to find balance when we all juggle so many personal and professional commitments. Take a step back, and really assess where all your energy is being taken up. It could be your family, relationships, career, money, health, personal growth, hobbies or staying active. Which are most important to you? Are there things you’re spending more time on than you’d like? Once you feel happy with the split, you’ll really get to enjoy the perks of a balanced life!

3.    It’s okay to say no sometimes

Speaking of balance, is your diary feeling overbooked? Are there events or activities you’re attending that feel more like a chore than a highlight in your week? As we get older, it can become much clearer how we want to spend our time – that’s the power of hindsight! So, don’t feel like you have to go to every event you’re invited to, or catch up with acquaintances you’ve grown apart from. As long as you’re open about why you want to prioritise other aspects of your life, friends will be more than understanding.

4.    Create a to-do list

From smaller daily tasks to your bigger goals for the year, writing down your plans and projects helps map out the months ahead. Whether you fancy an old-fashioned written list that you can stick on the fridge, or you’d rather use an app, getting everything written down will keep you accountable to your plans. And, is there any better feeling than crossing off items as you achieve your goals?

With your schedule under control, there’s no better time to take on a new challenge and slot education into your schedule. Have you thought about further study? If you’d like to find out more about the online degrees available from Open Universities Australia, get in touch here or speak to one of their expert student advisors on 1300 513 044.


This article was originally published by our friends at Open Universities Australia.

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