Four hidden pockets of time you could be using to study

If you’ve decided to go to university for further study, don’t expect that you need to spend hours stuck behind a desk with your nose in a stack of textbooks. The way university courses are delivered has undergone lots of changes, which means you won’t always have to attend lectures or be on campus. And, rather than feeling like you need to block out large amounts of your day for study, why not be a little creative and spread your study time across small pockets throughout the day? Whether you need to revise, read, or listen to a lecture, there are plenty of opportunities to multitask so you’re ticking off two things at once.

Clean learning

Need distracting while you do the vacuuming or ironing? If you’re doing further study, you’re likely to have a bunch of weekly lectures and seminars to listen to. Why not pop your headphones in while you clean? That way, you can get the house squeaky clean and catch up on your lectures at the same time.

Listen in

Whether you have a long train commute every morning, or you spend a big portion of your day battling traffic on the roads, this transit time is a great opportunity to listen to lectures. Trade in the tunes for a lecture or two, and you’ll be caught up on your weekly revision before you know it. If you’re not behind the wheel, you can also catch up on your reading while sitting on the train or tram – especially if your reading is easy to access on your phone or iPad.

Bathroom business

You might remember this one from your school days, but sometimes there’s nothing better than sticking flash cards up around the house (particularly the bathroom) to help you study! From keywords and concepts to notes for an upcoming presentation or exam, sticking brightly coloured cards on your glass shower door, the mirror, or even the toilet door, will help you cram in that little bit of extra revision time while you go about your business.

Strength and study

For those among us who enjoy staying active at the gym, you can also use this time to brush up on your revision. Trying to read and run is a little tricky, but if you’re using the stationary bike or elliptical machine, it’s easy to prop up some reading material while you get moving. Whether you’re in the gym or not, you can also listen to lecture recordings or other audio while you walk or run. It may not be the best motivation for a weights session, but it’s a great accompaniment to a slower paced workout.

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This article was originally published by our friends at Open Universities Australia.


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