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Why not try these seven anti-ageing beauty tricks?


Advances in medicine and science mean we're living longer, but that doesn't mean it's a happier and healthier life. Apart from important pillars of health – keeping cholesterol levels low and reducing stress – there are a few more ways to help you look and feel young.

1. You look healthy if you eat healthily, and the main ingredients for a well-balanced diet are fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy foods. Takeaway foods, cakes and chocolates are there only as the occasional treat.

2. Physical activity won't necessarily change your body shape dramatically but it does improve muscle tone, and you'll get an endorphin-boosted healthy glow. Thirty minutes of physical activity a day makes a huge difference for most people and this can be taking a walk, a bike ride, a game of tennis or even something low-impact, such as water aerobics or Pilates.

3. It's never easy to kick a bad habit like smoking, but making the decision to do so is a fabulous first step to a healthier you.

4. Regular health checkups are prevention as well as cure. By seeing your doctor – and your dentist – every six months, you can catch potential problems before they become serious health issues.

5. Being sun smart is not just for kids in school. You can minimise wrinkles, ageing of the skin and the risk of eye damage. That means hats, sunscreen, sitting out of the sun and being alert to any changes in your skin. Bigger sunglasses, especially the wrap-around variety, help protect the eyes.

6. Alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation, so aim for no more than one or two standard drinks daily. Alcohol-free days – say Monday to Thursday – work for a lot of people, while others try for a dry July-style month-long abstinence.

7. Making water your drink of choice, and in particular your initial thirst-quencher, won't in itself make you look better. But when the water is used as a substitute for the sugar or caffeine-rich drink you might otherwise have, it will make a difference. View it as moisturising from the inside.

This article was supplied by Australia's leading retirement website YourLifeChoices

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