The benefits of staying in your home for longer

There's no doubt that there's something innately comfortable about your own home. Whether you're someone who can't get to sleep in an unfamiliar bed while travelling, or you just love being surrounded by the souvenirs and memories collected along the way – your family home is precious.

For many of us, though, there is a fear that as we get older we'll have to think about moving out of our family home and into a traditional aged care home. Yet, with new and innovative in-home care services like Five Good Friends, there are options out there that help us to take control over the level of support that we need, to allow us to stay in our own homes for longer and live life at its best.

Home is where your heart is

It's a saying we hear over and over, but as kids move out of home and we find ourselves with more time freed up as we move into retirement, it really does become even more apparent how much your home means to you.

Not only is our home a place that holds our memories and comforts, it's also the best place for us to be able to stay connected to our family and wider community. From gardening to taking care of a pet, heading down to the local shops or watching grandkids having a ball in the backyard, there's no better place to get on with living.

Peace of mind

In a recent report from the Productivity Commission, over three quarters of over 60s said they wanted to see out their retirement in their own home, and 83% view home ownership as vital to maintaining independence and financial freedom.

Does this sound like you as well? It's not surprising. The main thing is to know that care in Australia is changing and services that help you stay at home longer are available.

Get on with living

One of the best ways to know you'll be able to stay home for longer is to find out about and plan for in-home care (if and when the time comes). A care provider like Five Good Friends can give you the flexibility and support you need for peace of mind. For example, membership offers you not just as much or as little personal care as you need but also help with many of the other home elements we can struggle with, such as domestic duties, home administration and odd jobs. Accessing the personalised support you need, when you need it, means staying in your home just became a whole lot easier. And that means staying close to friends, family and community.

As Simon Lockyer, one of the founders of Five Good Friends, says: "Health and wealth do not lead to better ageing. Social connections do, because of the stress-shedding power of friendship."

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