Australian Summer of Tennis

Australian Summer of Tennis

We are proud sponsors of the Apia International in Sydney and we think it’s your time to get out on the court and have fun. Stay in touch with all the Apia International action below and find out how tennis can benefit your heath and how you can get involved.


Benefits of Tennis


Playing tennis can help
reduce resting heart rate
and lower blood pressure



Playing tennis for 30-60
minutes at least three
per week helps to
preserve bone health in

Australians play tennis

Tennis is the
sixth most popular
sport with over 50s
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Get Involved
Tennis is a fun and social way of keeping fit and active and there are hundreds of local clubs across Australia that offer tennis programs for people of all ages and skill levels

Singles Tennis

Playing singles tennis for
one hour is a great way to
stay in shape.
You can burn

600 calories in men

420 calories in women

Tennis is a sport loved by both genders

doubles and
mixed doubles
tennis is a game
of teamwork

Male and
rates are similar

In comparison,
four times as
many men than
women play golf

Why play tennis?
Tennis is a game for life
that you can start playing
at any age. Not only can it
help with reducing stress
levels, it can increase your
aerobic fitness and
improve your bone health

The difference in body fat
between people aged
23-69 who play tennis
twice a week and those
who don't is 4% less.

Tennis can boost your
cardio-respiratory fitness

Single players can consume between 50-80% of V02 - the
maximum oxygen that an individual can consume during

Other ways to

Dancing, yoga
and golf

are three other great
ways to stay in shape
and meet others.