Apia Boat Insurance

BOAT insurance

Whether you are sailing on the harbour, water skiing on the lake or doing some fishing, we offer a range of Boat insurance products, for over 50s who live in Australia.

Comprehensive boat insurance

Protects you against legal liability (up to $5,000,000).

  • Pay your premiums  monthly or quarterly at no extra cost
  • Increase your excess to save money on your premium

We cover

  • Reasonable costs for the removal of your boat to the nearest repairer following loss or damage insured by the policy
  • Cover for you to authorise emergency repairs to your boat (up to $300)
  • Cover for your personal effects as a result of sinking, burning, being stranded (up to $250)
  • Wreckage cover for removal or destruction of the wreck of your boat that we authorise (reasonable costs)
  • Extension of cover for water ski activities to cover legal liability from the use of your boat

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Need more information?

You'll find it in our Product Disclosure Statements below.

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